Makeup Essentials


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In my beauty bag I only carry the essentials I need for my makeup routine. I see no point in getting things that I’ll never use so I only purchase items I know I will use. I have included pictures of the products I use regularly.

The first thing that I find important is a face moisturizer. I apply a nice facial moisturizer after I wash my face in the morning to prevent dryness.


Another thing that’s important is a lip moisturizer. I use this with a face lotion to prevent flakiness and peeling on my lips.


The first thing I use when applying makeup is a concealer. I make sure that the concealer is the same shade as my foundation so I don’t have any blotches on my face. I dab a bit of concealer on any blemishes on my face and I use it on my dark circles.


After concealer, I use foundation. I dab a sheer coat all around my face and on my neck and then I blend it. I make sure that it’s not darker than my natural skin tone.


I use primer after. I put a line of it on my nose, cheekbones, and in between my eyebrows.


After primer I put a little bit of blush under the primer on my cheekbones.


I use bronzer on my cheeks, nose, and on the outer parts of my forehead and I contour with the primer and blush I previously used.


I use an eyebrow pencil to outline and shape my eyebrows and then I fill them in. My favorite eyebrow pencil also comes with a gel that I put on my eyebrows after I use the pencil. This keeps my eyebrows from loosing their shape.


I normally use natural looking shades of brown on my eyelids. I use lighter shades on the inner part of my lids then as I get further out, I use darker shades.


I use eyeliner after the shadow. I usually go with the winged look.


After all that, I use my favorite mascaras! I use one for length, one for volume, and one to get rid of clumps.




I use a lip liner to outline my lips. I make sure that whatever liner I use matches the lip color I plan on wearing.


Last, lip color. I have a variety of natural looking colors that are in between light pink and nude. I also have more dramatic colors like a vibrant red, a light purple, a dark purple, a bright pink, and matte black.


My New Years Resolutions


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I have always done New Years resolutions. To me, it’s a fresh start and the perfect time to set personal goals for myself. I like to set goals on my physical appearance, my mental/emotional health, spiritual health, and anything that has to do with my career and my education. I have always done all my resolutions!

1. Eat and drink clean. Eat more fruits and veggies. Get all the meat, dairy, ad grains I need every day. Eat all the vitamins and minerals my body needs to function properly. Drink enough water everyday. I have no desire to loose weight but my health lately has been going downhill. I’m 5’4 and weigh 121 lbs which is perfectly healthy! I eat shitty foods all day every day but I have a fast metabolism. I have high cholesterol and high blood pressure. I’m at risk for heart disease and organ failure. If I fix my eating habits (which should have been done a long time ago) these problems will be a lot better.

2. Do pilates and go for a fucking jog. 5 days a week I plan on working on various parts of my body as well as going for jogs. This will help my overall health and help me tone up!

3. Change my hairstyle. Dye my hair a different color. Not a drastic change just a slight difference. I need something new. Also, I need to get my split ends chopped off.

4. Think more positively. Look on the bright side of every situation. Look for the silver linings. Don’t let one little thing fuck up my whole life.

5. Count my blessings and thank Jesus more.

6. Do yoga and meditation techniques once a week. This will help my spiritual health by putting my mind at ease and helping me connect with myself and the universe.

7. Start doing an internship. This will help me gain experience in the field I want to go in!

8. Start a vlog. Once a week I plan on posting a vlog to my YouTube channel. I have a pretty busy life as it is but I have always wanted to do one!

I’m determined to work on and finish these resolutions! Starting goals for myself and finding little things to work towards helps me reach my full potential and reminds me what I have to live for.


(Please ignore my handwriting. Neater handwriting was last years resolutions and I have tried and tired but I think I was just meant to have messy ass handwriting I’m sorry.)

Trending Now


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Ponchos have been huge lately in the fashion world. Most stores have been getting them in stock.

I love ponchos. It’s like wearing a blanket around you except it’s socially acceptable to wear it in public. They keep you nice and warm and they’re super cute. Most ponchos that are out feel like wool and they have unique designs on them. I just got one from Forever 21. They have the cutest ones!

photo from

photo from

My Christmas Gifts


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Christmas is my favorite holiday. Not because of the gift but the feeling I get when I give presents, the decorations and lights, the traditions, just the joy in general. The gifts are just an added bonus! Here’s my fav presents that I got this Christmas!

A turntable and some vinyls from my parents. I got a Crossley portable turntable in brown (despite Crossleys poor reviews on other vinyl players, the portable turntables have great sound quality). I also received Vampire Weekend Contra, Broken Bells, and Phoenix Wolfgang Amadeus vinyls.



They also got me a Forever 21 gift card .


My grama got me these wonderful books.


My sister got me these throw pillows to match my duvet cover! They are small throw pillows from DENY Designs from the Shannon Clark Romance collection.


And my aunt got me these wonderful candles that were hand-made by a close friend.


Holiday Style


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My favorite part about the holidays are the parties! I think it’s so much fun to get invited to a holiday themed cocktail party. My family hosts one every year and we invite all of our closest friends!

What I wanted to wear to it was something classic but showed my carefree and edgy sides at the same time. I was thinking the classic black dress. I wanted to add accessories to add some edge and do my makeup and hair to make myself look carefree.

-Black dress

55879175-03-Black and red combat boots

-Black stockings


-Red lips and red nails with subtle eyes, eyebrows, and skin


MAC-Russian-Red-Nail-Lacquer-Natural looking/messy hair. I had wavy hair that looked neat, but at the same time looked a little frazzled.

(Photos are not mine)

How to Make Your Perfume Last Longer

The struggle is real when your perfume doesn’t last the whole day. I smell so nice and fresh when I’m ready in the morning but once I get home from work at the end of the day, my scent is completely gone. Luckily, that doesn’t happen anymore because I have a solution! Put lotion on the area you plan on spritzing and it helps the perfume stick to your skin better and last throughout the whole day!


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Celeb OOTW


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Photo from Pintrest  of Vanessa Hudgens with her bf

Photo from Pintrest of Vanessa Hudgens with her bf

When I saw this pic of Vanessa and Austin I immediately fell in love with what she was wearing. She looks stylish and cozy which is a combo that must be achieved this winter! She looks absolutely adorbs.

Where to get: (Not the actual brands Vanessa is wearing but less expensive alternatives)

-Laid back tee wash skinny jeans

photo from

photo from

-High rise skinny jeans

photo from

photo from


photo from shop

photo from shop

-Statement necklace

picture from

picture from

-Other silver accessories to match

-Long pea coat

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photo from

Best Foundation Ever


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Photo from

Photo from

So I went on a makeup run because I ran out of a few things and decided to update a little. I came across this foundation and decided to give it a whirl. I always heard that it helped clear breakouts while working as a foundation. Since I’ve been using it, my pores have not been getting as clogged as they were before and I have been seeing less breakouts. Neutrogena Skin Clearing oil-free makeup is the best foundation I have  ever used in my life. It’s available in almost any drug store. I get this in natural beige.

Fav Store Currently


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Can I just say how obsessed I am with Charming Charlie?

Charming Charlie is a store that sells statement jewelry, handbags, and other accessories for a good price. I came across it at the mall today as I was looking for silver rings and a silver statement necklace to match my black dress and heels. They have a very large selection of silver jewelry. They also have many other colors as well. Each color has its own section in the store! So there’s a silver section, a gold section, a purple section.. basically, there’s a section of jewelry for every single color. I swear.


Charming Charlie is like a Claire’s for grown-ups. But better.

Check out their website